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Mth202 Past Solved Midterm Papers For Sale

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MTH202 Objective Solved Mid term Paper:

Here are few midterm objective questions Demo for midterm preparation. You can read complete MTH202 Midterm Solved Papers from the Links below at the end of this post:

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 1:

If y=f(x) then instantaneous rate of change of y with respect to x at the point x0 is given by slope of tangent line at (x0,f(x0))

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 2:

If a secant line is drawn between two points P and Q on a curve, then the slope of this secant line is
  • =f(x2)-f(x1)
  • =f(x2)-f(x1)/x2
  • ={f(x2)-f(x1)}/(x2-x1)
  • =f(x1)-f(x2)/x2-x1

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 3:

For the curve f(t) = -23t+25, the slope of the tangent line at point ‘t = -1’ is
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MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 4:

If (0,0) and (2,2) are any two pints on a curve then the slope of a line parallel to the secant segment through these points is

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 5:

On the straight line, the tangent at any point coincide with line -------
  • no where
  • every where
  • some where
  • none of these
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MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 6:

The process of finding the derivative is called________
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Function
  • None of these

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 7:

If f(x) =x^3 then f ’(2)= NOTE: x^n means ‘x’ to the power ‘n’

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 8:

If f(x) = 8x^2 -2x +5 , then f ‘ (0) will be…….
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MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 9:

If the function is differentiable at a point then it is also …… that point

MTH202 Midterm paper Question No. 10:

If f(x)=3X2+2,then f'(x) will be_____. (Note: X2 means 'x' raised to the power 2)
  • 3x+2
  • 6x
  • 6x+2
  • None of these
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Download MTH202 Midterm Solved Papers

MTH202 Midterm Solved Papers

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