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Marcus Grosh Dissertation Titles

Center Lab Phone (4.sal):+45 21 32 86 15
Lounge Phone (4.sal):+45 40 49 89 07

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QDev Faculty:

Charles Marcus


+45 2034 1181

HCØ Building, 3-406

Charlie Marcus is a Professor at NBI and Center Director of QDev. He also taught Physics at Stanford University (92-99) and Harvard University (00-10). Read more >>

His research interests include neural networks, quantum chaos, mesoscopic physics, fractional quantum Hall systems, quantum information, spin qubits and topological quantum states in condensed matter. 

Karsten Flensberg


+45 2513 2969

Rockefeller, S-011

Karsten Flensberg works in the research group Solid State Physics and is a co-founder of Center for Quantum Devices. Read more >>

Karsten Flensberg works with theoretical many-body and solid-state physics in relation to quantum mechanic effects on nanostructures and superconductors - especially in context of quantum information systems and electron transport in molecular transistors and quantum dots.  

Jesper Nygård


+45 2462 6120

HCØ Building, 3-410

My activities cover mainly carbon nanomaterials and semiconductor nano wires grown in-house. When turned into electronic devices they enable investigations and control of quantum phenomena, Read more >>

our core QDev activity. Progress relies on the ability to optimise the microstructure of materials and interfaces, thus we keep one foot in materials science. Interestingly, our devices can also be useful in biosensing, molecular electronics and photovoltaics – we pursue some of these applications in the Nano-Science Center. My teaching covers quantum transport and solid state physics.

Thomas Sand Jespersen


+45 3532 0402

HCØ Building, 3-412

I am an associate professor working with experimental low temperature quantum transport at the Center for Quantum Devices. Read more >>

My research focuses on the physics of semiconductor nanowires couples to superconductors and on mesoscopic phenomena in strongly correlated electron systems emerging at the interfaces of complex oxide heterostructures.

Ferdinand Kuemmeth


+45 2116 2657

HCØ Building, 3-110

My focus centers on practical quantum design and cryogenic electric manipulation and readout techniques. By choosing the material, geometry and boundary conditions, we create Read more >>

nanodevices with well/controlled, often surprising spin-electronic properties. Low-dimensional semiconductors such as nanowires and 2D electron gases challenge us to harness the role of spin-orbit coupling, type of confinement, and the interplay between conduction band, valence bands, and superconductivity.

Martin Leijnse


Rockefeller, S-044

I am a theoretical condensed matter physicist primarily interested in nanoscale systems. On such small length scales, the physics is drastically different from what we know Read more >>

in our all-day life and is dominated by the laws of quantum mechanics.

I investigate different ways of taking advantage of quantum mechanics to design for example electronic components with desirable properties. 

Jens Paaske


+45 3532 0395

Rockefeller, S-037

I work on theoretical many-body physics, with a strong emphasis on correlated electrons in solid state systems. This includes problems of quantum transport either in bulk materials or through Read more >>

low-dimensional nano-junctions such as wires, dots and single molecules. The intricate interplay between correlation, and non-equilibrium effects remains a central theme in my research, a good part of which is rooted in the experimental QDev activities.

Kasper Grove-Rasmussen



+45 3532 0402

HCØ Building, 3-404

My research is focused on hybrid circuits formed by coupling superconductors to nanoscale quantum systems formed in e.g. carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires. Read more >>

The interplay between various quantum phenominee leading to Majorana and Shiba states, and the property of the superconductor to provide spin-entangled electron pairs, make these systems ideal for utilising quantum mechanics. I am currently an Associate Professor.

Mark Rudner


+45 5133 1277

Rockefeller, S-041

If the twentieth century was about discovering the quantum mechanical laws that govern our universe, then the 21st century is about pushing the boundaries, and finding out want these laws allow us Read more >>

to do. I am interested in the dynamics of quantum many-body systems, in particular those which are driven far from equilibrium. This regime opens possibilities for quantum control and for the discovery of new emergent many-body phenomena unlike anything known for equilibrium systems.

QDev Assistant Professors and Postdocs:

Ajit Coimbatore Balram

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 3533 0279

Rockefeller, S-038

My research interests are in field of theoretical condensed matter with an emphasis on the physics of the fractional quantum Hall effect and topological insulators.

Michele Burrello

Assistant Professor


Rockefeller, S-021

The understanding of the topological properties of quantum matter has been a revolution in the theory of condensed matter and it is one of the most fascinating discoveries of the last decades.Read more >>

My main research interest is the study of topological phases of matter, their engineering and the possibility they offer for quantum computation. I am a theorist working on different quantum many-body systems ranging from ultracold atoms to topological superconductors. Despite their different nature, I like to search the common structures which are at the core of their behavior.

Damon Carrad

Post-doctoral fellow


+ 45 3137 4101

HCØ Building, 3-404

My research has focussed on using exotic materials combinations – e.g. semiconductor nanowires coupled with organic materials


– to enhance functionality in nano-scale devices, and to enable the study of novel physics. At QDev I continue this by exploring electron transport phenomena in devices featuring high-quality superconductor/nanowire interfaces.

Anasua Chatterjee

Long-term visitor


+45 7151 6503

HCØ Building, 3-112

I am an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow, currently based at the Center for Quantum Devices. I received my PhD from University College London on silicon qubits and my undergraduate research atRead more >>

Princeton University was on topological insulators. I currently work on spin qubits, and I am interested in spins in nanodevices, and in low-dimensional and topological configurations of matter.

Malcolm Connolly

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 3533 3284

HCØ Building, 3-416

My research focuses on understanding the quantum behavior of 2D materials and figuring out ways to exploit their properties in new breeds of quantum devices for applications in computing and sensing.

Mingtang Deng

Assistant Professor


+45 5033 6054

HCØ Building, 3-106

My interest mainly focus on the electron transport research in low dimensional superconductor/

semiconductor hybrid quantum systems. Those systems support us a great platform Read more >>

to investigate how to achieve a noise-immune topological quantum computer, and stimulate human beings' curiosities about the mysteries condensed matters. Numerous transport features, like Josephson effect, Kondo effect, Andreev bound states/Marjorana bound states, enrich and entangle in hybrid systems. My academic daily life is fabricating, measuring and analysing those quantum devices, and bridging the gap between the collected data and the hidden physics.

Antonio Fornieri

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 3533 4889

HCØ Building, 3-116

I joined QDev in March 2017 as a postdoc, after a PhD on thermal transport in superconducting hybrid circuits. Now my research is focused on the investigation of topologicalRead more >>

superconductivity in two dimensional electron gases. The latter represent a promising platform to realize scalable devices for topological quantum computation based on Majorana zero modes.

Ervand Kandelaki

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 3533 4991

Rockefeller, S-042

Currently, my research focus lies in non-equilibrium quantum physics, especially with regard to the impact of interactions on many-body effects and topological properties. I am interested in studying Read more >>

gapped phases in periodically driven systems going beyond the one-particle picture and looking for genuine many-body phenomena.

Panagiotis Kotetes

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 3533 2047

Rockefeller, S-042

Primary goal of my postdoctoral research is to bring forward new theoretical ideas for engineering topologically non-trivial phases of matter relying on the synergy of interactions and Read more >>

coupling to external fields. On one hand, I am interested in hybrid superconducting devices consisting of quantum dots, nanowires, and magnetic chains, while on the other, in strongly correlated materials exhibiting a rich interplay of magnetic textures and unconventional superconductivity. Related topological transport phenomena and applications in anyon-based quantum information processing complement my agenda.

Peter Krogstrup

Assistant Professor


+45 2671 5191

HCØ Building, 3-418

Peter Krogstrup finished his PhD in physics in October of 2012, at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. Today, he is working as an assistant professor at QDev, as a part of the Microsoft Read more >>

Station Q project with a specific focus on growing nanowire crystals that not only can produce majorana particles, but also control them. His main research interests are the field between material science and quantum transport with an ambition to produce new materials for future quantum electronic applications. Currently, his focus is directed towards controlling the formation of heterostructure III-V/superconductor nanowires for topological superconductor devices.

Tommy Li

Post-doctoral fellow*

+45 3533 1974

Rockefeller, S-015

I’m a theorist working in topological superconductivity and quantum computing.

Yu Liu

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 3533 5502

HCØ Building, 3-418

I join QDev in May 2017. I focus on the thin film growth of ferromagnetic insulators in order to provide the magnetic field for topological states in superconductor-semiconductor systems.

Filip Malinowski

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 2251 3132

HCØ Building, 3-420

In my research I focus on transferring experimental spin-qubit manipilation techniques to a coupled topological superconductor‒quantum-dot system. Read more >>

Specifically I work on alternatives to bias spectroscopyand schemes for initialization, manipulation and single-shot readout of Andreev and Majorana bound states.

Esteban Martinez

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 3532 6542

HCØ Building, 3-420

I did my PhD in experimental quantum information with trapped ions in Innsbruck, Austria. Now I work at QDev as a postdoc, where my goal is to demonstrateRead more >>

the topological properties of Majorana fermions in hybrid semiconductor-superconductor devices that can serve as stepping stones towards a scalable quantum computer architecture.

Robert McNeil

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 9199 4756

HCØ Building, 3-210

I join QDev in Easter 2016 with a background in GaAs devices and spin qubits but am now working on the fabrication of hybrid transmon qubits combining nanowires and


superconducting circuits to make the electrically-controlled long-lived building blocks for a multi-qubit processor.  I am also looking forward to culturally, linguistically and scientifically settling into Denmark.

Gerbold Ménard

Post-doctoral fellow


HCØ Buillding, 3-106

My research focuses on the study of Majorana quasiparticles that are topological excitations of condensed matter systems that benefit from topological protection. Being able to Read more >>

control these Majorana quasiparticles and build a qubit from them would be a major step toward quantum computing.

Hung Nguyen

Assistant Professor


+45 7158 9680

HCØ Building, 3-104

A hybrid system, such as between a superconductor and a semiconductor, can exhibit remarkable properties, which are not simply combinations of the two. One line of research in QDEV Read more >>

studies such nanowires to push it into use for quantum computer, among other purposes. I join the Center in May 2016 to perform experiments in this direction. Before QDEV, I was a post-doc in Pico group (Aalto University) making powerful electronic refrigerators from superconducting tunnel junctions.

Fabrizio Nichele



+45 6018 9241

HCØ Building, 3-116

I joined QDEV in August 2014 as a postdoc. My research is focused on two dimensional systems with strong spin orbit interaction. In particular, I investigate the transport properties of semiconductor Read more >>

nanostructures and semiconductor/superconductor hybrid devices.

Eoin O'Farrell

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 9165 5194

HCØ Building, 3-116

I am an experimentalist interested in electronic ordering in low dimensional systems. My current research involves the generation and control of one dimensional, topological


superconductivity in two dimensional quantum wells. This material system is amenable to conventional top-down semiconductor processing as well as integration with existing qubit implementations. I joined QDev in November 2016 and have previously worked in Singapore and Japan.

Karl Petersson

Assistant Professor


+45 2922 9383

HCØ Building, 3-112

I am currently a Marie Curie Fellow at the Center for Quantum Devices. I received my PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2009 and carried out Read more    >>

postdoctoral work at Princeton University between 2009-2013. My research is focused on quantum coherence in semiconductor nanostructures, hybrid solid state quantum systems and single charge and spin detection techniques. 

Juan Carlos Estrada Saldaña

Post-doctoral fellow


HCØ Building, 3-404

I fabricate devices made of a semiconductor nanowire coupled to a superconductor, and I measure the electrical current that passes through them at low temperature.Read more    >>

The resulting hybrid system comprises some few-electron quantum dots put together with a million-electron condensate of Cooper pairs. My goal is to gain an understanding of the quantum mechanics of these artificial superconducting molecules.

Sergej Schuwalow

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 5273 8289

HCØ Building, 3-418

My main research interest is computer simulations of electronic systems, such as the ones existing in the interface regions of superconducor-semiconductor heterostructures. Read more >>

I consider my simulations to be a type of “computer experiment” that can provide a complementary point of view rather than a purely theoretical approach, and as such I am always striving to maintain a close connection to experimental efforts.

Rawa Tanta

Post-doctoral fellow


+45 2878 3896

HCØ Building, 3-404

My research is focused on Raman Spectroscopy of single InAs nanowires. I am interested in detecting Phonon-Plasmon coupled modes which enlarge the ability of Read more >>

Raman Spectroscopy beyond crystal structure inspection.

David van Zanten

Post-doctoral fellow


HCØ Building, 3-116

Currently my research is focused on the measurement and characterization of quantum coherence in topologically protected qubits made in InAs/Al nanowires. Read more >>

We fabricate and explore devices of different designs in which the controlled hybridization of Majorana fermions forms the basis of our qubits. On the way toward this ultimate goal we encounter beautiful physics originating from the combination of spin-orbit coupling, Andreev Bound States, Josephson coupling, microwave spectroscopy, fast charge-readout and finally Majorana Bound States. On a daily basis we identify and measure the energy scales associated to these features, and evaluate whether our devices have those parameters that will bring us closer towards a topologically protected qubit.


QDev PhDs and students:

Laurits Andersen

Masters Student


+45 3167 0410

I am writing my bachelors thesis with Karl Peterson as supervisor. My project focuses on control and characterization of hybrid semiconductor-superconductor qubit devices.

Fabio Ansaloni

PhD Candidate


+45 3154 4689

HCØ Building, 3-420

I started my PhD at Qdev in November 2016 and participate in the spin-NANO network. Now I work on spin qubits in natural and isotopically purified silicon-germanium heterostructures.

Gian-Luca Anselmetti

Masters Student


HCØ Building, 3-210

My research here at QDev focusses on further investigation and possible uses of the magnetic proximity effect in hybrid semiconductor/ferromagnet/superconductor structures.

Martin Bjergfelt

PhD Candidate


HCØ Building, 3-420

I have a background in nanotech engineering from DTU specialised in nano-fabrication and electron microscopy. In my Ph.D (starting dec. 2016) I will characterise hybrid core-shell nanowires Read more >>

(III-V semiconductor core & superconductor shell) using Transmission Electron Microscopy and perform device fabrication for subsequent electrical characterisation of the same nanowires

Magnus Bøe

Masters Student


+45 2897 9093

Rockefeller, S-044

I'm writing my master's thesis (in nanoscience) under the supervision of Michele Burrello, on facets of topological order and possible applications.

Vivek Chidambaram

Visiting Student


HCØ Building, 3-206

My PhD research in Cambridge involves investigating Andreev bound states in superconductor-graphene hybrid devices. I am visiting Qdev for 6 months to learn the fabrication and measurement Read more >>

techniques used here and apply them to show control and readout of an Andreev qubit made using the epi-Al/InAs 2D material.

Rasmus T. Dahm

Masters Student


+45 4111 4622

HCØ Building, 3-104

I joined QDev November 2016. My research is focused on complex oxide heterostructures, obtaining experimental, fabrication and measurement experience with Thomas Sand Jespersen as my supervisor.Read more >>

The research revolves around transport properties of the 2DEG found at the LAO/STO interface and the implementation of micron-sized LAO/STO flakes.

Asbjørn Drachmann

PhD Candidate


+45 2277 7227

HCØ Building, 3-106

Before starting the PhD I had two years of experience with fabrication and measurements of InAs 2DEGs proximitized by a surface superconductor.Read more >>
In my PhD I'll implement that knowledge in designing more advanced devices with a main focus of realizing scalable topological qubits.

Ricci F. Erlandsen

Masters Student


+45 2719 0197

HCØ Building, 3-420

I joined QDev in late 2016 to study complex oxide heterostructures with Thomas Sand Jespersen as my supervisor. I am currently working on my master’s thesis focusing on fabrication and transport Read more >>
measurements of mesoscopic structures in strongly correlated electron systems such as the 2DEG found at the LAO/STO interface.

Oscar Erlandsson

Masters Student


HCØ Building, 3-401

I joined QDev in fall 2017 for a Masters project about Majorana bound states in circuit QED systems. My supervisor is Charles Marcus.

Martin Espiñeira

Masters Student


HCØ Building, 3-204

I work with Peter Krogstrup as Master Student characterizing and growing hybrid materials for quantum transport applications such as semiconductor nanowires.

Federico Fedele

PhD Candidate


+45 3132 8624

HCØ Building, 3-420

I joined Qdev in fall 2016 after having moved from Italy to the Netherlands to perform my master thesis on Topological Insulator. Now my field of interest is the operation of spin qubits in GaAs and Silicon.

Raffael Gawatz

PhD Candidate


Rockefeller, S-048

From 1st of November 2017 I will challenge open questions in quantum dynamics with Tensor Network schemes, especially interacting periodically driven systems.

Anne Grosch

Bachelors Student


Rockefeller, S-002

I am working on my bachelor thesis under the supervision of Jens Paaske. In the project I focus on examining the "ordering due to disorder" mechanism in magnetic systems.

Esben Bork Hansen

PhD Candidate


+45 5188 2510

Rockefeller, S-048

I am a PhD student at the Qdev theory group and I started my project in 2015. My main topic is topological insulators and superconductors and I am currently looking into the elusive Read more >>

Majorana fermions in one dimensional systems with disorder.

Anna Birk Hellenes

Bachelors Student


Søren Hemberg

Bachelors Student


Albert Hertel

PhD Candidate


HCØ Building, 3-104

I joined QDev in August 2017 for my PhD. My research is centred around solid-state qubits based on semiconductor-superconductor hybrid materials including fabrication of multiqubit-devices and 3D-integration.

Laurens D. Holgaard

Masters Student


HCØ Building, 3-401

I am doing my master's thesis with Thomas Sand Jespersen as my supervisor. My project is about making phase-controlled multi-terminal Josephson junction devices. Read more >>

My primary focus in the project is on fabrication of the devices.

Sabbir Khan

PhD Candidate


HCØ Building, 3-204

Here at QDev, my research focuses on as-grown epitaxial nanowire based networks for scalable quantum computation. The main goal is to develop innovative fabrication Read more >>
techniques that can realize new device concepts based on as-grown nanowire networks.

Charline Kirchert

Bachelors Student


+45 2834 8794

I’m a bachelor student in nanoscience and I’m going to do my bachelor thesis with Thomas Sand as supervisor. In the project I will be analysing proximity-induced supercondivity in nanowires. 

Anders Kringhøj

PhD Candidate


+45 2873 5868

HCØ Building, 3-416

I joined QDev in the summer 2014, where I did a small project in the spin qubits group on a GaAs/AlGaAs device finishing my undergraduate. In April 2015 I started my thesis project


in the Transmon group working on nanowire-based superconducting qubits.

Filip Křížek

PhD Candidate


+45 6021 0374

HCØ Building, 3-204

I joined QDev in the summer of 2015 as a PhD student. I focus on growth and characterisation of III-V semiconductor nanowires, but also
on subsequent fabricaton of nanowire based devices.
The main goal is to produce superconductor-semiconductor structures that would not only support generation of majorana femions, but even allow us to control their properties.

Jonas Skovlund Madsen

PhD Candidate


+45 5099 1725


I joined Qdev in the fall of 2015 to do my master thesis. My project is a collaboration between Qdev and DFM concerning nanometrology.

Morten Munk-Nielsen

PhD Candidate


+45 2613 0022

Rockefeller, S-017

I'm a PhD student in the theory group working with Karsten Flensberg. I'm working on topological order and I am mathematically inclined.

Frederik Nathan

PhD Candidate


+45 2537 1045

Rockefeller, S-043

I work on my master's thesis with Mark Rudner as my supervisor. We are looking at a general way of finding the topological invariants of periodically driven systems. Just as in the static case, Read more >>

where certain topological invariants of a system can dictate the existence of edge modes, periodically driven systems can have protected edge modes, determined by analogous topological invariants. We are trying to find a method for finding these topological inariants that can be applied to any dimensionality and symmetry class

Mathias Nesheim

Masters Student


Rockefeller, S-043

I am working on my master thesis with Jens Paaske as my supervisor. Specifically, I study Andreev reflections and how supercurrents in the superconductor will affect these.

Nikolai Plambech Nielsen

Bachelors Student


Rockefeller, S-014

Thue Nikolajsen

Bachelors Student


I am a bachelor student currently doing an independent study in the materials group, primarily with characterization of InSb and InAs/Al nanowires and modeling of growth as well as Read more >>
software simulation of TEM and SEM data.

Thomas Nordqvist

PhD Candidate


+45 6131 5572

HCØ Building, 3-206

My PhD research involves growth and characterization of new nanostructured materials using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and electron microscopy. I’m especially interested in III-V nanowires Read more >>
and engineering of epitaxially matched semiconducting-superconducting hybrid materials.

Jacob Ovesen

Masters Student


+45 2398 6366

HCØ Building, 3-204

I am a Master student in Nanoscience that studies electron transport and behavior in hybrid superconductur-quantum dot devices.

Natalie Pearson

Visiting PhD


HCØ Building, 3-416

I started my PhD at ETH Zurich in spring 2016 with Matthias Troyer in the field of Computational Physics. I’m here at QDev for 6 months in the Transmon group where I am working a structureRead more >>

for linking high level algorithms to the superconducting nanowire qubits in the lab.

Denise Puglia

Masters Student


HCØ Building, 3-206

I joined QDev in 2017 as a master student. My project focuses on the design, fabrication, and measurement of topological qubits with Charles Marcus as my supervisor.

Katrine Rasmussen

Masters Student


+45 6130 2744

HCØ Building, 3-104

I am a student of NBI and joined QDev in September 2012 to do the finishing project of my undergraduate study. Currently I am working as a part of the experimental FQHE-group.


Our main interests lie within investigating and understanding the nature of the quasiparticles arising from the electron interactions of a two dimensional electron gas cooled to cryogenic temperatures and exposed to high magnetic fields.

Davydas Razmadze

PhD Candidate


+45 3533 1143

HCØ Building, 3-104

My research is focused on fabricating semiconducting nanowire devices with epitaxial superconductor and conducting the Majorana fusion rule experiment. Read more >>

The hybrid nanowire based devices with implemented fast readout techniques and charge sensor via nanowire nearby gives the ability to sense the electron occupancy of the superconductor island, which is crucial for fusion rule experiment.
These devices hopefully will bring closer in understanding the true nature of non-abelian anyons in semiconducting nanowires and how to control them for building Majorana based qubits in branched nanowire networks.

Deividas Sabonis

PhD Candidate


+370 6270 9580

HCØ Building, 3-104

I joined QDev and Station Q-Copenhagen in the fall of 2015 as a PhD student after my one year Master of Physics studies at TU Munich where I was a DAAD fellow. Read more >>

Previously during my Bachelor and Master years I carried my research and studies in Vilnius University, LT, Zernike Institute for Advance Materials, NLD, Niels Bohr Institute, DK, Ludwig Maximilian University and Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Munich, DE  University of Heidelberg and TUM Walter Shottky Institute in Garching, DE. At QDev I am part of Majorana team where I am involved in developing  charge readout circuits to be used for the future experiments with Majorana states.

Victoria Sosnovtseva

Bachelors student


I am writing my bachelor project under the supervision of Ferdinand Kuemmeth. The project focuses on the fabrication and characterisation of novel superconducting resonators that are compatible Read more >>

with top-gate spin-qubit devices/silicon germanium structures. The project will involve identifying the most promising solution integrating superconducting resonators with top-gated/SiGe heterostructures, while maintaining sufficiently high quality factors at magnetic field suitable for qubit operations. Depending on performance, the resonators will find application in the long-distance coupling of qubits across a chip and  in the high fidelity readout of qubits via resonators.

Lukas Stampfer

PhD Candidate


HCØ Building, 3-206

I joined QDev in the autumn of 2017 as a PhD student after completing my Masters degree in Munich. My research is focused on superconductor-semiconductor Josephson junctions.

Judith Suter

Masters Student


+45 5280 4736

HCØ Building, 3-416

I joined QDev to work on the design, fabrication and measurements of topological Qubits.

Tobias Særkjær

Bachelors Student

I am a bachelors student doing my thesis on the occurence and control of dislocations in crystal lattices near the interface of crystals with different lattice constants.Read more >>

The aim is to model semiconductor lattices and find associated dislocation energies as functions of the geometries of relevant nanostructures.

Peter Røhr Tunstall

Masters Student


I am investigating how interactions affect topological quantum systems, specifically topological insulators and superconductors. Read more >>
The goal is to see how interactions can change the symmetry class of the system, and if the corresponding edge states are preserved. To do this, I touch upon topics like Topological field theory and Majorana physics in different dimensionalities.

Saulius Vaitiekėnas

PhD Candidate


+45 2644 2060

HCØ Building, 3-106

Employing effectively two-dimensional networks of quasi-one-dimensional semiconducting nanowires, I focus my research on manipulation of the non-Abelian statistics Read more >>

obeying Majorana zero modes, which due to their strong immunity to many sources of decoherence originating from spatial delocalization, are promising building blocks of quantum memory.

Alexandros Vekris

Masters Student


+45 5010 2053

HCØ Building 3-206

I joined QDev to fabricate and study quantum dots coupled to superconductors.

Merlin von Soosten

PhD Candidate


+45 5013 1173

HCØ Building, 3-420


I joined QDev shortly after its genesis in 2012, gaining an experimental background on fabrication and measurements on mesoscopic semiconductor nanowire devices.  Currently I am Read more >>

working on oxide based hetero-structures.  Using AFM-lithography setup for charge writing for the fabrication of nanoscale devices on these samples.

Alexander Whiticar

PhD Candidate


+45 4256 6645

HCØ Building, 3-104

My research at QDev pertains to exploring new seed materials for III-V semiconductor nanowires. This research focuses on realising electron beam lithography patterns needed for nanowire arrays. Read more >>

I also characterise the effects that new seed materials have on nanowire growth using scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

QDev Associates:

Brian Møller Andersen


+45 3532 0419

Rockefeller, S-025

I work as an associate professor in the condensed matter theory group at NBI. Main research activities are centered around strongly correlated electron systems with special focus of unconventional Read more >>

superconductors and quantum magnetism. In particular, I am interested in unusual effects arising from electronic correlations and spatial inhomogeneíty and disorder. The latter includes novel transport properties in superconducting quantum devices, including quantum dot systems and interface planar structures.

Matthias Christandl


+45 3533 2298

Matthias Christandl is a professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Matthias'research is in the area of Quantum Information Theory. Read more >>

It is his aim to improve our understanding of the ultimate limits of computation and communication given by quantum theory. Concrete research results include a proposal for a perfect quantum wire and a new method for the detection of entanglement.

Matthias Christandl received his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2006. He then became a Thomas Nevile Research Fellow at Magdalene College Cambridge. In 2008, he joined the faculty of the University of Munich as a Juniorprofessor; since 2010 he has been assistant professor at ETH Zurich. He moved to the University of Copenhagen in April 2014.

Jeroen Danon


I work as a an associate professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. I do theoretical research in the fields of quantum transport and mesoscopic physics,Read more >>

mostly focusing on topics in the direction of quantum information applications. I like to work on problems closely related to actual experiments, such as experiments involving spin qubits or Majorana bound states, and much of my past and current research is in very close collaboration with experimentalists.

Per Hedegård


+45 3532 0435

Rockefeller, S-007

The condensed matter theory group teach and do research in fundamental aspects of many-body physics related to new materials and electronics properties of nanosystems and quantum information systems.

Finn Berg Rasmussen


+45 3532 0417

Finn Berg Rasmussen, pensioned 2006. Conduction in metals and semimetals, thermodynamic and nuclear magnetic properties of Ag, Rh, and 3He. Read more >>

Is particularly proud of a size-dependent sign reversal of the Hall effect of In, superconductivity of an organic metal (a Bechgaard salt), nuclear magnetic order in solid 3He, strong nuclear polarization of liquid 3He by rapid decompression of magnetized solid 3He.

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