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Jps Weebly Year 6 Homework

French at JPS

Meet the French Team

Bonjour! My name is Madame Raybould and I have recently started at Jumeirah Primary School as Head of French.  I am extremely passionate about languages and so excited about the opportunity of working with such wonderful students.  I am also delighted to introduce Madame Bariman who has worked at JPS for the last 2 years.  We are very lucky that she has joined the French department this year as our Specialist Teaching Assistant.

The children from Years 3-6 will have one French lesson per week.  Outside of these lessons, students will have access to a variety of learning resources in order to promote their independence and maximise their progress. These will include short video tutorials as well as using language specific websites to challenge and extend their knowledge. We will cover a variety of different topics over the course of the academic year and the students will develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. 
During our French lessons we will also focus on skills such as collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. The children will progress from being able to use single words to constructing full sentences including a variety of WOW words such as adjectives, connectives and expressions of time. They will also begin extending their written and spoken French by giving reasons for their ideas and opinions.
We are sure that the children will enjoy their French learning journey through challenging and fun activities and look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength throughout the academic year.
I am also very pleased to confirm that this year we will continue with our paid French ASA for French Native Speakers. We have offered this after school activity since January 2014 and it is a tailor-made programme based on the French curriculum. This year the lessons are being delivered by the Language First Institute via Academy Plus and will take place once a week after school for one hour.  Students in KS2 will be given extra specific work to complete in their regular French lesson.  For more information, please contact
French native speakers that have chosen not to take part in the French Paid ASA will follow a different programme of study to the other children in their class.  They will have the opportunity to work in small groups completing suitably challenging work to enhance their knowledge of French.  Particular focus will be given to reading, writing and grammar.
Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at should you require further information.


Présentation au sujet: "Bonjour! C’est l’automne"— Transcription de la présentation:

1 Bonjour! C’est l’automne
C’est le Onze Octobre.

2 Calendar and Due Datessemaine.html

3 How to be successfulI want you to be successful and learn a lot in this course. Sometimes, it is easy to be distracted or to think you have a lot of time to finish a lesson but late work catches up with you quickly.

4 What you need to doI need you to check announcements everyday before you start your course.I need you to pay close attention to where you should be in the calendar. We need to finish this course by the end of the year.I need you to catch up at home if you are falling behind.At the end of each week, all late assignments will turn into 0s.Please stay focused and on task and you will be like the great explorateurs and accomplish your goal 

5 Voicethread Tutorial: 816
Please remember to only use French.Comment on your classmates’ voicethreadRemember to be polite and nice

6 Voici mes ChatsSalut, Je m’appelle Oscar. Je suis un chat orange. Je suis petit et mignon. J’ai 1 an et je suis américain. Je suis le bébé

7 Voici mes Chats Comment s’appelle le chat? Il a quel âge?
Il est grand ou petit?Il est de quel couleur?C’est un male ou une femelle?Il est américain or américaine?Il ou elle?

8 Voici mes ChatsSalut, je m’appelle Timmy. Je suis un chat noir et blanc.J’ai 3 ans. Je suis grand et tres malinJ’aime manger les poissonsJ’aime beaucoup jouer avec Oscar.

9 Voici mes Chats Comment s’appelle le cat?
C’est un male ou une femelle?Quelle couleur est le chat?Quel âge a le chat?Il est noir ou noire?Il est blanc ou blanche?Qu’est-ce que Timmy aime?Il est américain ou américaine?

10 Voici mes Chats Bonjour, je m’appelle Hasheput. J’ai 6 ans
Je suis egyptienneJe suis mince, petite et trés belleJe suis gentilleJ’aime jouer avec Spencer.Je desteste la neigeJe n’aime pas TimmyJe suis marron et tigrée

11 Voici mes Chats Comment s’appelle la chatte? Quel âge a-t-elle?
Elle est beau ou belle?Elle est gentil ou gentille?C’est un male ou une femelle?Qu’est-ce qu’elle aime?Qu’est-ce qu’elle déteste?Qui est-ce qu’elle n’aime pas?Elle est de quelle couleur?Elle est egyptien ou egyptienne?

12 Voici mes Chats Bonjour, jem’appelle Spencer. Je suis irlandais.
Je suis marronJ’ai les yeux vertsJe suis trés gentilJ’aime beaucoup manger et dormirJ’aime jouer avec Hashesput et OscarJe n’aime pas trop TimmyJe suis gros et trés grandJ’ai 9 ans

13 Voici mes Chats Comment s’appelle le Chat?
Il est irlandais ou irlandaiseIl est gros ou grosse?Quel couleur lest le chat?Quel âge a le chat?Qu’est-ce qu’il aime?Qu’est-ce qu’il n’aime pas trop?

14 A Mardi Prochain!