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Fa Day Homework

We suggest that students have a consistent routine each night for homework. Please help your child to select a place to complete their homework that is free of distractions (TV, iPads, siblings...) as well as a consistent time of day. We understand that baseball practice, dance lessons and language classes can switch up routines, however, please enforce the importance of homework by setting aside a time and place.

Your child will have an assignment notebook and homework folder (see above) that will travel to and from school each day. We spend 10 minutes during the school day to fill out nightly assignments as well as long-term projects. Please go over this daily with your child to monitor assignments. If your child forgets their assignment notebook or homework folder, please encourage them to call a classmate who can help! Mrs. Wong cannot guarantee that she will check her email to provide homework help after school hours. Please know that extra time is always given if homework is forgotten or your child has a busy night; just have your child tell Mrs. Wong during morning arrival time.

Day 11 Meats I.D. & Fabrication Alayna Pottorff Chef Elia AM1 Key Terms Australian Lamb: relatively small lamb raised in Australia, pasture fed. BRT Leg of Lamb: a leg of lamb that has been boned rolled and tied ordering specification New Zealand Lamb: predominate source, relatively lean, pasture raised U.S. “Fed” Lamb: larger fattier lamb raised by feedlot Hotel Rack: Primal rack, unsplit; can come from lamb or veal Square Cut Shoulder: a HRI cut from the lamb, can be cut into portion chops or cut into stew. Mutton: Older, mature ovine animal, not suitable as lamb. Butterflied Leg: to split open a roast, steak, chop or cutlet from a leg and flatten to double its surface area. Loin Saddle: Unsplit loin section of lamb veal or venison. Leg of Lamb: HRI cut of the lamb, often roasted whole, but can be fabricated into manageable semi-boneless or boneless roasts. Frenched: Exposing the end of the rib bone for presentation Crown Roast: a frenched rack that has been turned into a circular shape to look like a crown Fell: the strongly flavored outer layer of fat on lamb Split and Chined: Rack of lamb split in half and chine removed Denver Ribs: trimmed lamb spare ribs Yearling: an animal, such as a sheep, calf or foal, that is a year old or in its second year.