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1.MyEssaygeeks Review

This time I found a new service with A+ reputation online. Indeed, MyEssaygeeks reputation is perfect. Look at SiteJabber, and you can find more than a hundred 5-star reviews, and all of them are badly written. There are no other reviews elsewhere. I have never seen a real business without bad feedback! They should have gotten at least one inadequate customer since 2006. It means that they are rich enough to buy good reviews and erase bad ones. Go to their Linkedin page, check 501-1 000 employees and located at 2100 Temple Hill Drive Provo, Utah USA. Having checked Google Maps, I can say that there is no building for them there.

2.Pros and Cons


  • Good paper quality.They are capable of writing at any academic level.
  • On-time delivery. There are no time issues with it.
  • Very fast writing. The paper can be written within an hour.


  • No Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Slow support agents. I waited too long to get a simple answer.
  • Suspicious location. For some reason, they show a fake address.
  • Transaction charges. Extra fees for the payments.

3.Online reputation

My Essay Geeks has only good reviews so far. They meticulously remove bad reviews, but some of them saved at or This writing service may be a scam because a legit company would use only the real address for their marketing purposes.


This company does not have Money-Back Guarantee. Although they have this picture regarding the on-time delivery and 100% original texts, you cannot trust their words without proof.

5.Types of Services

The MyEssayGeeks products are:

  • Essays
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies
  • Coursework
  • Creative Thinking
  • Formatting Service
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Capstone Projects
  • Computer Programming [java,C++,HTML etc]
  • Personal Statements
  • Presentations
  • Projects
  • Reaction Papers
  • Reports
  • Research Papers
  • Reviews
  • Speeches
  • Thesis Papers
  • Mathematics

6.Ordering Process

To order a paper with this writing service, you have to place an order at You put all the details and preview the order before processing the payment.

You should know that some transaction fees are usually taken from each payment. Please see the screenshot below. Even for such a small assignment, there is a fee to pay.

After a short registration and proceeding with the payment, you will see the order page and detail put in your order. The paper will be sent on this page, and an email notification will be sent once it is ready.

7.Prices and Fees

My essay geeks prices start from $13. The prices are average on this market for acceptable quality. The only concern for a regular customer is a transaction fee the size of which depends on the order price.

8.Paper Quality

The papers are usually written by experts and do not require revision. Unique papers produced by this service are competitive with the other writing companies. You can easily complete your undergraduate studies here. For more complicated tasks, you will have to think twice before getting to start. Have a short conversation with support agents if you want to get a good writer for your Masters Dissertation.

9.Customer Support

My Essay Geeks has very slow support agents. You might be put on hold without notification. The phone number +1-866-599-3209 is not always available, and it takes a time to reach them in case of an urgent case.

10.Offers and Extra Services

Myessaygeeks Company does not have any extra features except the level of writing. To get plagiarism report or a better writer, you have to talk to their manager first.

Visit site

You are studying right now and have lots to deal with: decide where to go, which country you would like to visit, how to spend your spare time. But good marks are also in demand, because in the future they will provide you with professional and personal privileges while job applying.
It’s a real challenge how to get the highest mark and enjoy your campus life? Most students are sure they can’t have both. Several of them choose personal life and don’t even dream about good career. Other students study so hard they don’t even have person to drink coffee with on evenings.

What is next?

But it’s not your case. Do you want something more? If you appreciate your free time, your friends and family, and want to hold life in own hands, the answer is close.
Myessaygeek can help you not to stick among books, reviews and reports. They are ready to provide you with large array of service. Company ensures their target audience that they can order there any kind of academic paper and be happy after all.

What is Myessaygeek and what do they propose?

This company positions themselves as a team of cool authors with great experience in writing. On their website writers convenience target audience they can do any kind of papers, but in general the list of services is a little bit shorter. They can make for you:
essays for pupils. If you need little text in literature, philosophy, english or other subject, then but standard school paper;
english essays. Any topic will be executed for you in several days;
nurse essays. This is one of the most difficult sphere of writing where special skills are required;
admission essays. Do you really want to enter college or other education establishment? Then do not play with fire and let professionals to admission paper for you.

Advantages of their services

Myessaygeek guarantees you the full confidentiality and timely delivery. These things mean that no one will find out you have order your assay and you’ll obtain your paper in time. Last stuff is much more important if you have to make report or essay by yourself and perform it before a large audience.
You may be sure that your assay will be plagiarism free, because authors have to check texts on special software. It guarantees you that professor will not suspect you in irresponsibleness. Also it’s recommended to check your essay after you get it. Sometimes you can face with irresponsible company which doesn’t control its authors. In real also can’t guarantee you 100% plagiarism free.
It’s quite important when you can get your money back if something will not satisfy you. Myessaygeek agrees with their customers but company hasn’t a proper way how to make it in real. Who will estimate the quality of academic paper? And who will be the third disinterested side? Unfortunately it’s hard to find out and arrive at a consensus.

Disadvantages of Myessaygeek

First of all Myessaygeek has good customer support. Online chat allows asking your questions and get free answers. It’s free for all users.
But support is not available 24/7 as it is said. On daytime it’s quite easy to clear up with everything you need, but at the evening or even at night no chances for you to be listened.
Company insists there are American and English writers. Obviously you know that in the USA and United Kingdom is a deep difference in language. Of course both Americans and Englishmen can understand each other but the written speech needs to be clear and built on national specifics.
What about the pricing? The company works from $7.95 per page. For example, if you need a nurse essay for 5 pages, it will cost you al least $40. It’s important: one page of high school, college, institute, university and master MBA will cost more cash. It is higher than average price at the writing market.

Is it a proper company for you?

So the list of services is not extended enough. Frankly speaking, if you need simple school assay ‘How did I spend this summer’, these guys will satisfy you. But to make a serious research it would be quite harder.
If you want to have excellent academic paper, you may seek for some other companies, compare them and choose the best one.