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Doctoral Dissertation Topics

Below are the ASU EDL Doctoral Program Dissertation Titles. Each dissertation is available for check out at the ASU library.

Click on the links to view the title page and abstract for each dissertation.

Full dissertations can be viewed at NC Docks for dissertations published 2010 and after.

Year Author Title

A Comparative Evaluation of Instructional Levels Determined by the Text Reading and Comprehension (TRC) Assessment and an Informal Reading Inventory

Caroline Scott Armstrong Beam

Perceptions and Enactment of Instructional Coaching in North Carolina

“Dreamkeepers”: School Experiences from the Voices of Successful Adult African American Males

Dropouts Who Return for Their Ged: Personal Reflections on the Socio-Cultural Issues Related to Leaving School

Perceived Factors of a Quality Student Teaching Experience

Journey to the Presidency: Stories from Women Community College Presidents

The Start Point: a Grounded Theory Study of Aspirations and Needs of Trio Students at the Point of Entry into a Postsecondary Enrollment or Postsecondary Attainment Program

Exploration of 21st Century Skills Development Among Educators and Students Engaged in Online Collaborative Educational and Cultural Exchange Program: a Case Study of Us-Pakistan Online International Exchange Program

The Summative Impact of College Access Interventions: a Program Evaluation of Gear up North Carolina

Integrative Learning Within Tutoring in Higher Education: Contexts for Connections

An Investigation of the Experiences of Minority Males Participating in the North Carolina Community College System Minority Male Mentoring Programs

Women in the Integrated Circuit: a Study Examining the Intersection Between Technology, Subjectivity, and the Academy

Casting the Circle: an Arts-Based Inquiry into Creating Spaces for Emergent, Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Higher Education

Melanie Duckworth Honeycutt

Examining the Effect of Leadership Practices on Sustaining a Technology Innovation

First-Generation College Students and Academic Advising: Words of Wisdom from Academic Advisors

Internationalization in Community Colleges: Perceptions Regarding the Role of a State Consortium

The Freshman Academy Impact: a Comparison of Ninth Grade Structures Through Analyses of Student Perceptions and Performance Data

Understanding the Educational Experiences of Graduate Counseling Students Engaged in Therapeutic Expressive Arts-Based Activities

“Visitor to All, Native to None”: How Digital-Native Teacher Education Students Use Bricolage and Multiple Modalities to Construct Knowledge

International Library Development in Africa: Benefits, Challenges, and Sustainability

International Library Development in Africa: Benefits, Challenges and Sustainability

Predictors of Success for Community College Developmental Mathematics Students in Online, Hybrid, and Traditional Courses

George Harrison Hendricks

Predictors of Success for Community College Developmental Mathematics Student in Online, Hybrid, and Traditional Courses

The Learning and Development of Non-Traditional Women Within Social Constructivist 3d Immersive Environments

A Comparison of High School End of Course Test Results of Athletes and Non-Athletes in Three North Carolina High Schools

Finding Our Voices: the Bittersweet Journey of a Dream for First-Generation Female Doctoral Graduates

A Study of the Relationships Between Extracurricular Participation in Selected North Carolina High Schools and Student Achievement as Determined by Cumulative Grade Point Average

Examining the Impact of Student-Generated Screencasts on Middle School Science Students’ Interactive Modeling Behaviors, Inquiry Learning, and Conceptual Development

The Beliefs of K-12 Public School Principals About Disabilities and How Those Beliefs Inform Their Leadership of Students with Disabilities

The Beliefs of K-12 Public School Principals About Disabilities and How Those Beliefs Inform Their Leadership of Students with Disabilities

The Relationships of Selected Curriculum Program Areas on Credential Attainment of African American Males Enrolled in the North Carolina Community College System

Spirituality as a Component of Transformational Leadership Among Selected North Carolina Community College Presidents

An Examination and Analysis of Middle School Transition Plans: a Study of Local Education Agencies and Middle Schools in North Carolina

Professional Learning Communities and Teacher Efficacy: a Correlational Study

The Effect of Technology Infusion on At-Risk High School Students' Motivation to Learn

Religious Knowledge Among Pre-Service Secondary Teachers of English and History

An Evaluation of a School System's Excursion into Online Instruction for Middle School Students

Digital Storytelling: Ordinary Voices, Extraordinary Stories

Exploring the College-Going Scripts of Students Enrolled in a Rural Early College High School

A Case Study of a Professional Learning Community: an Investigation of Sustainability with a Rural Elementary School

The Impact of a Middle School Tiered Mathematics Program on Academically or Intellectually Gifted Students: One School District's Response to High Stakes Accountability

Perceptions of Displaced Manufacturing Workers About Their Transition to Successful Re-Employment Through a Community College Education Experience: Six Stories of Success

A Phenomenological Study of High School Biology Teachers' Perceptions of the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards in an Era of High-Stakes Testing

The Impact of Student Mobility, Gender and Title I Status on Measures of School Accountability

Lessons Learned: a Crisis Responder's Journey Supporting Friends in Crisis

The North Carolina Community College System Critical Success Factor 1 and the Association with Leadership Styles Practiced by North Carolina Community College Presidents

Exploring Characteristics of Public School Facilities and Resources and the Relationship with Teacher Retention

A Spelling-Based Phonics Approach to Word Instruction for Children with Down Syndrome

The Effects of Dual Enrollment Credit and Huskins Program Credit on College Readiness

The Principal's Role in Defining a Student Success-Based School Culture: the Impact of Specific Behaviors on School-Level Teacher Working Conditions

Parental Perspectives and Decision-Making Processes About School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services Under No Child Left Behind in a Large Urban Elementary School

Exploring Common Characteristics Among Community College Students: Comparing Online and Traditional Student Success

A "Quickguide" to Inquiry-Based Physics Laboratory Reform

Experiences and Perceptions of Fatherhood Among Fathers with Sons Who Have Autism Spectrum Disorders

Value-Added Effects of Disadvantaged Student Supplemental Funding on Students in the Surry County Schools

Perceptions of 21st Century Community College Leaders on the Role of Relational Leadership

Teachers' Perceptions of Professional Learning Communities as Opportunities for Promoting Professional Growth

Honor Bound: Exploring the Disparity of Treatment of Women in Kurdistan, Iraq.

Still Missing in Action: the Perceptions of African American Women About the Barriers and Challenges in Ascending to the Superintendency in North Carolina Public Schools

Navigating the Labyrinth: Women School Superintendents in North Carolina

Cognitive and Non-Cognitive College Readiness in Participants in Three Concurrent Enrollment Programs at a North Carolina Community College

Realities, Risks, and Responsibilities: A Critical Narrative Inquiry and Autoethnographic Exploration of Biculturality Among Black Professional Women

An Examination of the Relationship Between Ease of Navigation and Course Completion in the Online Learning Environment

A Program Evaluation of North Carolina's Statewide Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (Gear Up).

Associate Degree Nursing Students: a Study of Retention in Nursing Education Programs

Readiness to Lead: Perspectives of Graduates and Advanced Doctoral Students Answering the Call to Lead in Community Colleges

The Creation, Communication and Implementation of an Organizational Vision: Principals' Perspective in a Rural Education Setting

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Life at Appalachian State University

An Investigation of Issues Associated with the Transition from Eighth to Ninth Grade in a Rural School District

The Perceived Role of the Media Coordinator as School Leader in the Sustainability of a Major Technology Initiative

The Impact of Academic Self-Efficacy and Socio-Demographic Factors on Academic Achievement of First-Generation Community College Students

Exploring Leadership Qualities Among K-12 Public School Principals in North Carolina Successfully Implementing State-Mandated Technology Initiatives

Reclaiming Personal and Pedagogic Identity Through Social Constructivism: an Educator's Journey and Collaboration in Family Literacy Practices

Ordered Chaos: the Implications of Childrearing in the Underrepresentation of Women in Educational Leadership Positions

North Carolina Community College System Virtual Learning Community Evaluation

The Effects of Classroom Interior Design Elements of Eighth Grade Language Arts Students' Psychological Well-Being

Early Transition from High School to College: an Ethnographic Case Study of the Obstacles and Strategies That Emerged in a Rural North Carolina Community College

Formation of Teacher Mental Models Regarding Technology Configurations, the Factors Influencing Their Formation, and Teacher Receptivity to Adopting Alternative Configurations

Teacher Recruitment, Rural Schools and Student Teachers' Perceptions of Effective Teacher Recruitment Strategies in North Carolina

An Examination of the Impact of Relative Age at School Entry on North Carolina Students - a Predictor of Future Outcomes

The Implementation of a Response to Intervention Problem-Solving Model in a Rural Elementary School: a Qualitative Case Study

Analysis of North Carolina Economic Factors That Accurately Explain Student Performance in North Carolina Public Schools

A Study of Middle School Students' and College Sophomores' Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Islam and Muslims

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Jennifer AggletonAn exploration of children's responses to illustrations in novels.Fiona Maine
Farah AhmedPedagogy as Dialogue between Cultures: Exploring Halaqah (circle time), an Islamic oral pedagogy enabling autonomy and a culturally coherent education for Muslim children in a pluralist societyRuth Kershner
Charlotte AllenA Multilevel exploration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) students’ resilience in response to everyday challenges at secondary school.Ros McLellan and Ruth Kershner
Don AntunesLeadership experiences: Constructing cases from a late Lacanian reading of films.Geoff Hayward
Esinam AvornyoInvestigating play and learning in the Ghanaian early years classroom: A mixed methods studySara Baker
Isang AwahReading for Pleasure in Nigeria: An In-depth Case Study of the Reading Habits of a Small Group of 9-12-year-olds in Nigeria.Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges
Nazipa AyubayevaCollaborative teacher learning in Kazakhstan.Ros McLellan and Colleen McLaughlin
Vincent BackhausIndigenous Dreaming Tracks: Understanding the Learning Processes of Indigenous Student Cognitive Strategies and Teacher Conceptual Beliefs.Jan Vermunt
Terence BevingtonAn Investigation of Everyday Peace Indicators in School SettingsHilary Cremin
Julie BlakeThe representation of poetry in the school English curriculum.David Whitley
Jude BradyTeacher supply and retention in England.Elaine Wilson
Ashton BrownA dynamic model of skill development: empirically modelling the role of parental investment in the development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills in longitudinal samples of British and Canadian childrenAnna Vignoles
Peter BrowningWhat are the barriers to successful transition to Primary school headship and how might they be overcome?Rupert Higham
Simon ButlerUnderstanding the Relationship between the Biopsychological Development of Adolescent Boys and their Behaviour in the School Context.Ros McLellan and Ruth Kershner
Elisa CalcagniProfessional dialogues to foster dialogic pedagogy in mathematics: design and trial of a school-based teacher professional development program in Chile.Sara Hennessy and Christine Howe
Melise CamargoSurveying mathematics teachers' knowledge of formative assessment: a study of teachers in the Federal District of Brazil.Kenneth Ruthven
Michele CascianelliExploring Giftedness: A Case Study of Developing a Schoolwide Enrichment Model in Italy Drawing Upon the Perspectives of Students and Teachers.Keith Taber
Catalina CastilloA mixed methods study exploring the teacher practices in highly engaged classrooms in disadvantaged primary schools in Mexico.Anna Vignoles
Chun-Hou ChangBeliefs about the Expression and Regulation of Emotion, and Knowledge about Mental Health in the Chinese Cultural Context: their Implications on Taiwanese Mothers’ Attitudes towards Seeking Professional Psychological Help.Carol Holliday and Ruth Kershner
Sin-Yi ChangAn activity theory perspective on English medium instruction as a language policy in higher education: A comparative case study of EMI in the sciences and humanities in one university in Taiwan.Yongcan Liu
Juan Chen‘Consuming Class’: Chinese Families' Mobilities, Educational Choice Strategies and the Global Market of Higher Education.Jo-Anne Dillabough
Phoebe ChenNature and history in young adult environmental fiction.David Whitley
Marisa ChengThe experiences of cooperation and leadership amongst choristers, organists, and conductors to reach performance flow in university choirs.Morag Morrison-Helme
Nard ChoiExploring Tanzanian students’ experience and engagement with English-language literature in school library spaces.Zoe Jaques
Edsoulla ChungA sociocultural perspective on understanding change in beliefs and practices regarding vocabulary teaching and learning: A case study of English language teachers in Hong Kong.Linda Fisher
Paola ContrerasCosmopolitan capital or cultural intelligence? Predictors of the participation of Chilean undergraduates in international academic activities.Nigel Kettley
Joanne Cotton‘ADHD-ness’, stress, self-concept,and engagement in play at age 10 as predictors of life outcomes at age 42: evidence from the 1970 British Cohort Study.Sara Baker
Kathryn Day"Girls Who Kick Butt": Feminist Fantasy Novels’ Potential Impact on Cognition in Adolescents.Maria Nikolajeva
Jessica DobrinInvestigating the development of conceptual understanding in secondary science students engaged in project-based learning.Keith Taber
Simon DowlingThe influence of a teaching school alliance on classroom staff's professional development.Panayiotis Antoniou
Min DuDesigning and evaluating a virtual English enrichment course for improving Chinese learners' communicative competence in English.Sara Hennessy and Andreas Stylianides
Emma DyerInvestigating the places where children learn to read in the English primary school through participatory design with children.Cathy Burke and Dominic Cullinan
Janina EberhartChildren’s Daily Classroom Experiences and their Executive Function Development.Sara Baker
Stephen FairbanksSchooling Habitus: An autoethnography of music education's entanglements with cultural hegemony.Pamela Burnard
Rosanna FennessyYoung people's perspectives on the impact of their long term health condition on education, social experience and wellbeing: The role of personally constructed illness beliefs and meeting basic psychological needs.Ruth Kershner
Christopher FosterKnowledge or Control? Teacher Knowledge, Professional Identity and Practitioner Research.Sue Brindley
Gill FrancisChild Pretence and Counterfactual Thinking: To what extent do they share underlying cognitive dimensions?Jenny Gibson
Aline FredericoThe construction of meaning of preschoolers reading picturebook apps.Fiona Maine
Clare FreemanBetween the book and the mind of the reader: an exploration of young readers' engagement with fiction.Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges
Courtney FroehligSupporting early educators to challenge children’s correspondence bias in talk around stories using a dialogic intervention framework: A critical-design ethnographic approach.Ruth Kershner
Zhuxia FuInvestigating talk as a mediating tool in a systemic theoretical instruction on genre in L2 writing classroomsYongcan Liu
Jacqueline GalloHow are student leavers’ combined capabilities being developed and/or restricted as they transition out of a Roman Catholic missionary school education in Uganda?: an ethnographic study.Mary Earl
Jaason GeertsOptimal leadership development for professionals.Panayiotis Antoniou
Danai GiampiliExploring the use of participatory practices in Greek museum education through the prism of identity. Cathy Burke
Leonardo Goncalves LagoPutting dialogue to work in Brazilian primary school: from teacher education to science lessons.Christine Howe and Mark Winterbottom
Rebecca GordonExploring the mechanisms through which Rojiroti microfinance provision impacts on the lives of its female clients and their daughters’ education in rural India.Pauline Rose
Elaine GrayThe role of executive function, metacognition, and support type in children's ability to solve physics tasks.Sara Baker and Christine Howe
Julia GriaznovaImplementing the Dynamic Approach to School Improvement: Barriers and Facilitators.Panayiotis Antoniou
Christopher HallsSyllable awareness and early literacy development. A 25 week intervention focusing on improving reading and spelling skills in young children aged between five and nine years old.Ruth Kershner
Sarah HardstaffHidden economies and secret societies: the politics of agency in Mildred Taylor’s Logan novels and Cynthia Voigt’s Tillerman novels.Maria Nikolajeva
Lee HawkesThe Psychosocial Acculturation of International StudentsElaine Wilson
Rebecca HeatonAn autoethnographic exhibition exploring cognition in the practice of art educators.Richard Hickman
Lottie HoareSecondary education in the broadcast media 1953-1965: drawing out networks of conversation and visions of reform.Catherine Burke
Lucy HowsonExploring educational experiences in Luton since the 1960s across three generations: a return to Goldthorpe's Affluent Worker.Diane Reay
Venus HungPedagogy design to visualise reasoning across macro- (sub)micro-symbolic levels of biological concepts.Keith Taber
Chris HusseyA tale of two cities: exploring place-related identity with reference to portrayals of London in Children’s Literature.David Whitley
Hanne JensenFrom 'fountain-of-knowledge' to facilitator: exploring professional learning among early educators in South Africa.Ros McLellan
Martin JohnsonExaminer feedback and learning: how do examiners establish common meaning through remote feedback messages?Neil Mercer
Gulmira KanayevaResearching the development of teacher leadership in Kazakhstan.David Frost and Ros McLellan
Aliya KhalidExploring the influence of maternal commodities on their daughters' school access and learning: A multiple case study of mothers in rural Punjab Pakistan.Pauline Rose
Janice KimUnpacking the Role of Early Learning Inputs and School Quality on Student Learning Outcomes: Evidence from Ethiopia.Panayiotis Antoniou and Ricardo Sabates
Mee Kyoung KimBilinguals' emotion and language: an exploratory study of Korean-English bilinguals' verbal expression of shame.Neil Mercer
Pia KreijkesInfluences of teachers’ mindset, achievement-related beliefs, and ability-based practices on pupils’ achievement-related beliefs, mindset and attainment in mathematics.Ros McLellan
Rachel LaiTheorising the role of gamelan participation in Malaysian secondary schools: A metaphor of cultural identity?Pamela Burnard
Farida LarryDiscursive assessment practices in special education: a systemic functional analysis of talk and text in a special school for young girls identified with a disability in Saudi Arabia.Ruth Kershner
Aliandra Lazzari BarleteLatin American Regionalism, Mercosur and Higher Education: A Cultural Political Economy Account.Susan Robertson
Min Kyung LeeParenting and children's executive functioning: a comparative study between UK and Korean parents of 4-year-old children.Sara Baker and David Whitebread
Hema LetchamananGender Identity Conflict in Secondary Schools in India – a study on transgender youth.Madeleine Arnot
Alvin LeungReimagining Chinese and British Values through Discourses of Citizenship in Hong Kong and the UK: Governance, Policy and the New Borderlands of education.Jo-Anne Dillabough
Jing LiA Two-Phase Mixed Methods Project on Gender Stereotypes Targeting English Learners in Chinese Senior High Schools.Ros McLellan
Sarah LightfootEarly Years Educators' professional identities: implications for transformational continuing professional developmentDavid Frost
Emma-Louise LordWritten calculations and gender: a mixed methods study in English Y6 primary classroomsAndreas Stylianides
Mariam MakramallaTowards the integration of a Teaching Philosophy of Problem Solving in the Elementary Mathematics National Curriculum: Opportunities, Obstacles and barriers.Andreas Stylianides
Juljana MandraConceptualisations of global learning and primary school teachers' perceptions of pedagogy for global learning.Ruth Kershner
Anub MannaanEducation and violence: a qualitative study of the educational experience of conflict affected Kashmiri migrants in Mumbai for Higher Education.Pauline Rose
Melissa MarsdenTeacher professional development for the integration of ICT in poorly resourced education systems: lessons learned from the One Laptop per Child programme in Brazil.Sara Hennessy
Lauren MarstonAn exploration of how recipients understand the influence of cash transfers conditioned on school attendance on their abilities to lead better lives through education: The experiences of recipients of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Jamaica.Pauline Rose
Daphne MartschenkoA Brave "New" World: Investigating the impacts of behavioural genetics research on cognitive ability on teacher conceptualizations of intelligence, genetics, race, and socioeconomic status.Anna Vignoles and Jo-Anne Dillabough
Elizabeth McGregor JacobidesTinkering with the nature of science.Mark Winterbottom
Maggie MeimaridiEntering the Contact Zone: Encountering the Animal in Children's Fantasy Literature.Zoe Jaques
Meghna Nag-ChowdhuriPrimary school teachers' experiences of using innovative mathematics textbooks in Delhi, India.Kenneth Ruthven and Nidhi Singal
Arif NaveedSchooling and social mobility in rural Punjab, Pakistan.Madeleine Arnot and Anna Vignoles
Robert NealInvestigating the intelligibility of young beginner learners of Chinese at an inner-city secondary school in the north of England.Michael Evans
Afrodita NikolovaYoung Offenders P/E/R(e)Forming Narrative Identities through in a New Spoken Word Poetry Programme: an Arts-Based Case Study in a Macedonian Prison.Pamela Burnard
Alanna O'BeirneA complex adaptive systems approach to exploring the development of a health promoting school network in the mid-west region of Ireland.John Gray
Babatunde OjewunmiPastoral care, academic outcomes and institutional behaviour of Further Education Colleges following the implementation of the Equality Act 2010: a case study approach.Anna Vignoles
Patrick OlsenImprovisation in Formal Graded Music Examinations: Researching Assessment Practices and Perceptions.Sue Brindley
Catherine OlverFantasy, the Five Senses and the Mastery of Nature.Zoe Jaques and David Whitley
Tanya PaesThe efficacy of a pretend play intervention on the self-regulation, language, and pre-literacy skills of 4- to 5-year-olds with English as an Additional Language.Michelle Ellefson
Hazel PriceConstructions and Uses of Quality Assurance in Latin American Higher Education: A Critical Comparative Case Study of Chile and BoliviaSusan Robertson
Helen PriceMore than the sum of its parts: exploring the characteristics, affordances and challenges of all-through schools in the English state system.Sue Swaffield
Yishu QinUnderstanding gender gaps in STEM fields: Developing an implicit association test to measure stereotypes of empathy in scientists among UK undergraduates.Sara Baker
Frances RagniA Phenomenological Enquiry of Perceived Mental Representations in Thematic Musical Improvisation:
Case Studies of Two Professional Pianists.
Pamela Burnard
Hanan RamahiEnabling teachers to lead change in one school in Palestine: a case study.David Frost
Zhen RaoPretend play and its relationship to the experience and regulation of emotions: an exploration among seven- to ten-year-old children in a Chinese boarding schoolJenny Gibson
Christopher RauchTrainee teachers in transition: A cross-context, longitudinal study of epistemology and teaching beliefs in teacher educationJan Vermunt
Luke RobertsDeveloping systems thinking to address the sustainability of anti-violence interventions in schools.Hilary Cremin
Marie RyanWhat are we doing in the name of assessment? A multi-site case-study of assessment practices and conceptions of assessment purpose in junior infant classrooms in Ireland.Sue Swaffield
Biljana SavikjAn ethnographic case study of Macedonian immigrant-background children's learning of English and home language(s) in their social networks in England: a language socialisation perspective.Yongcan Liu
Jane ScarsbrookTo what extent can structured group tasks encourage imagination, articulation and development in children's notions about shape, space and measure?Neil Mercer and Christine Howe
Sahar ShahAn Analysis of the interaction of the gender of head teachers with their leadership styles in secondary schools within Pakistan's context: A Pragmatist perspective.Anna Vignoles
Richard ShakeshaftOn the road to utopia? Exploring the representation of technology and the posthuman in contemporary Young Adult speculative fiction.Maria Nikolajeva
Jinshi ShaoUsing dynamic assessment to understand and promote the development of Chinese intermediate EFL learners' L2 academic reading abilities.Yongcan Liu
Assel SharimovaAn exploration of knowledge-sharing behaviour within virtual professional networks of teachers in Kazakhstan.Elaine Wilson
Jonathan StoddartThe experience of post-graduate Chinese students in UK HEIs.Richard Byers and Carol Holliday
Yifan SunAn ethnographic study of 'Steiner Fever' in China: Why are Chinese parents turning away from mainstream education and to Steiner education.Ruth Kershner
Karolina SzynalskaAn exploration of the value of the evolutionary perspective in establishing the characteristics of learning-sensitive architectural design using a bespoke digital participatory tool.Cathy Burke and Dominic Cullinan
Rui TangThe city in animated feature films.David Whitley
Raymond Chegedua TangonyireExploring the Incorporation of the Leadership for Learning (LfL) Principles in Ghana: The Case of Two LfL Basic Schools in the Central Region.Sue Swaffield
Pablo TorresThe role of culture in the development of students' self-regulated learning in the primary classroom: comparing the cases of Chile and England.Ros McLellan and David Whitebread
Sally Po TsaiExploring levels of teaching skills based on the dynamic model in Taiwan: constrains and perspectives.Panayiotis Antoniou
Maria TsapaliEffects of different learning conditions in the fostering of late primary school children's decision-making skills on socio-scientific issues: An experimental study.Michelle Ellefson
Toshiyasu TsuruharaRelational Transformation through Dialogue: Conflict mediation meeting in a secondary school in the UK.Hilary Cremin
Gavin TurnerLife-worthy learning skills: An investigation of a curriculum intervention to promote self-regulated learning.Michelle Ellefson
Sarah UpjohnEvery body matters: Using action research to move towards injury prevention and health promotion in elite young instrumental musicians at a specialist music school.Pamela Burnard
Daniela VandepeerExploring the perceived experiences of the Drive Teams implementing change in a Thinking School.Steve Watson
Mohini VermaTemporal patterns of co-occurrence between children's self-regulatory behaviour and their private and social speech in play contexts.David Whitebread
Lisa WalkerEducational inclusion in practice: Responding to diversity in the Tanzanian classroom.Sara Hennessy and Riikka Hofmann
Sharon WalkerUK widening participation policy agenda: a critical race analysis.Arathi Sriprakash
Tianyi WangChinese learners' motivation in learning a third language---a mixed-method inquiry at one Chinese universityLinda Fisher
Hannah WareSelf-concept and Belonging: The narrative lives of children identified as having Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities in England.Nidhi Singal
Joseph WatsonEducational cartoons and mathematics attainment: an investigation into primary-age viewers in Tanzania.Sara Hennessy and Anna Vignoles
Amy WebsterIlluminating the mystery of ‘The Publisher', 'The Classic' and ‘The Series’: An exploration of series of children’s classics.Zoe Jaques
Alison WellsPostgraduate blended learning for NHS Educational Supervisors: A realist evaluation of impact on practice.Sue Brindley and Yongcan Liu
Mandy WintersWhat can secondary music educators learn from multi-perspectival conceptions of composing? Three voices - different worlds.Pam Burnard
Zi YangExploring inequalities in English language education in China: A comparative case study of English-major students from a sociological perspective.Sue Brindley
Junlin YuBoys’ underachievement in English secondary schools: The impact of mindsets and gender roles.Ros McLellan and Liz Winter